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18m conveyor

18m conveyor


First, explain the composition of the belt conveyor system: the belt conveyor is the most important bulk material conveying and loading and unloading equipment. It can be widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, chemical, electric power, food processing and other industrial fields. In coal mines, metals Mines, steel companies, ports, cement plants and other places can see a large number of applications of leather machines. Transportation machinery can not only complete the transportation of bulk materials, but also transport finished materials, but according to the location of use, working environment, and transportation of materials Different types, there will be big differences in its design and application;

The modern conveyor system has higher requirements for dust prevention. For this reason, there is a device for sprinkling dust at each transition point, and there will be a wind shield or wind shield along the belt conveyor. The system is composed of a single machine Yes, for operators and repairers who work in the complete system, they must be based on the single machine they are in charge of, but also understand the interconnection between the systems. The single machine is composed of many components. Daily maintenance and keeping it in good working condition can ensure the safe operation of the equipment;

We will generally meet various operating conditions according to the use of belt conveyors, working environment, technical performance and types of materials to be conveyed. In addition to the more commonly used general belt conveyors, there are A variety of special belt conveyors with new structures, among which the representative ones are: large inclination belt machine, deep groove belt machine and belt press machine, tubular belt type, air cushion belt type, flat turning belt type, line friction Type, corrugated sidewall conveyor belt type transport machinery, etc., there are many classification methods for refinement, and the following is introduced:

Classified by purpose, there are general mobile type, underground selection type, fixed type for open pit mine, special structure type, removable conveyor, special reprinting function type for loader, large angle conveyor, etc., generally short-distance in-plant conveyor It can complete horizontal, upward or downward transportation. The reversible pattern belt conveyor can be used to convey materials in both directions. The cantilever machine is usually installed on a stacker and can be rotated to achieve the function of soil discharge or cloth. The overhead crane is usually used in conjunction with other bulk material handling equipment, such as in the application of hydropower construction, it can be equipped with a standard middle frame, which is set on the sleeper and can be easily moved;

Classified according to the type of transportation materials, there are belt conveyors for general loose materials, hard materials, and single-piece materials. They are classified according to the position of the load-bearing section of the rubber conveyor belt, including the belt load-bearing section above and the load-bearing section. There are three types of two-way conveyors with the lower section and the upper and lower bearing sections at the same time. The two-way conveyor can transport materials in the upper branch and the lower branch respectively, but in order to keep the material contact surface unchanged, the rubber belt needs to be regularly Flip.

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