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EZ impact bed

EZ impact bed


EZ buffer sliding bed series

The EZ slide bed provides a seal for the loading area. The EZ slide bed uses wear-resistant slide bars and high-performance rollers to effectively seal the loading area and minimize the tension on the conveyor belt. The EZ series uses common components to make the solution effective and economical.

The EZ slide bed is installed under the skirt of the transfer point to support the edge of the belt, thereby eliminating the phenomenon of falling. With these sliding beds, the belt will run more smoothly and the belt edges will be sealed more effectively, thereby preventing overflow at the transfer point.

Features and advantages

1 Avoid overflow. The sliding bar combined with the skirt board system can effectively block the loading area. Nylon rollers can reduce the pulling on the conveyor belt.

2 Simple maintenance: The slide bar and roller can be conveniently operated by lowering the groove angle, which is convenient, fast and safe for maintenance.

3 Apply specific options. Whether you need to block the buffer zone or the loading area in the non-buffer zone, we can provide you with solutions using EZ slide beds and impact beds.

4 series products. It can be combined with a buffer bed to form a complete loading area system.

5 EZ sliding bed can eliminate pinch points, thereby avoiding the material caught in the pinch points from piercing the belt

6 The belt will not generate frictional heat when sliding over the slider

7 With the help of simple tools, the ES slide bed can be easily adjusted to compensate for wear

8 Applicable to all groove corners.

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