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Filter Press in mineral Processing

Filter Press in mineral Processing


Technical characteristics
The filter plate is made of reinforced polypropylene, molded at high temperature, and then processed by professional precision equipment. The formed filter plate has high strength, good airtightness, light weight, corrosion resistance, non-toxic and odorless, and meets the relevant sanitary standards.
•The equipment has a high degree of automation, with hydraulic cylinders compressing, maintaining pressure, compensating pressure, feeding, returning, and filter plate loosening and unloading cakes. The entire process is fully automated without manual phased operation.
• Filtration method: The maximum filtration pressure of the feed filter pressure tested by the professional department should not be greater than 0.6MPa. Using within the specified pressure range, it can not only ensure the best performance of the filter press and the supporting filter media, but also enable the equipment And the filter medium (filter cloth) life cycle is maximized.
•Safety device: The filter press is equipped with a variety of protective devices when automatic operation is realized to prevent the misoperation of the filter press from over-pressure and over-limit.

Product type
• The products are divided into two types: ordinary filter press and fully enclosed filter press.
• Normal type means that the filter cloth is covered on the surface of the filter plate, and the sealing surface is sealed by the filter cloth;
•Fully enclosed means that there are grooves on the sealing surface of the filter plate. The filter cloth and rubber sealing strip are embedded in it. This high sealing performance prevents the capillary leakage of the filter cloth during filtration.

Scope of application
Mining, metallurgy, chemical, environmental protection, food, pharmaceutical, textile printing and dyeing, profile manufacturing, wine making and other industries.


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