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High Performance Magnetic separator delivery

High Performance Magnetic separator delivery


High Performance Magnetic separator delivery

Scope of application

It is suitable for the use of refractory materials, chemical materials, grain and oil machinery, abrasives, ceramics, metallurgy, cement, powder metallurgy, rubber, ore and other materials in addition to (selecting) iron, and can be used with Raymond mills, grinders, and ball mills. .

Product advantages

1. It adopts the hydraulic lid opening device imported from Japan, which can move the upper lid conveniently and quickly, saving labor and effort for replacing and repairing the internal parts of the machine body. 2. It has good wear resistance. 3. The large rotary gear is processed by casting gear hobbing, and the cylinder is inlaid with wear-resistant liners. 4. The bearings are selected from international brands such as Japan, Sweden, and the United States. Convenient operation 5. Simple operation, easy to switch between two feeding methods.

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