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Mineral processing equipment

Mineral processing equipment


Due to the large-scale development and utilization of mineral resources, the amount of available resources continues to decrease, resulting in a gradual decline in the taste of raw ore mining, and subsequent processing such as smelting has increasingly higher requirements for the quality of beneficiation products. At the same time, mankind's awareness of environmental protection is increasing day by day. These realities have put forward higher and higher requirements for mineral processing equipment, and have promoted the continuous development of mineral processing equipment in the direction of larger, better, and high-yield energy-saving.

Common device types are as follows:

Crushing equipment: jaw crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, tooth roller crusher, double roller crusher, etc.

Grinding equipment: ultra-fine laminated self-mill, cement ball mill, cone ball mill, ceramic ball mill, energy-saving ball mill, high-energy ball mill, high-fine ball mill, lattice ball mill, overflow ball mill, premixed mill, etc.

Screening and classification equipment: multi-frequency dewatering screen, high-frequency screen, circular vibrating screen, linear vibrating screen, YK series circular vibrating screen, drum screen, finished product screen, spiral classifier, etc.

Magnetic separation equipment: wet magnetic separator, dry magnetic separator; strong magnetic field magnetic separator, medium magnetic field magnetic separator, weak magnetic field magnetic separator, river sand magnetic separator, wet permanent magnet drum magnetic separator, boiling type Concentrator, etc.

Washing equipment: SF type flotation machine, BF type flotation machine, XJK series flotation machine, full-section airlift microbubble flotation machine, stirred flotation machine, spiral classifier, vacuum filter, dry separator, Sand washing machine etc. Auxiliary equipment for mineral processing: vibrating feeder, trough feeder, pendulum feeder, mixing bucket, bucket elevator, belt conveyor, vibrating feeder, disc feeder, disc granulator, Washer, shaker, spiral chute, hydrocyclone, jig, tailings recovery machine, cement mill, raw material mill, MBS rod mill, etc.

Gravity separation equipment: boiling type concentrator, shaker, chute, jig, water jacket centrifuge, centrifugal disc separator, heavy medium beneficiation equipment, etc.

Concentration equipment: boiling type concentrator, center transmission type thickener, peripheral transmission type thickener, thickener, etc.

Drying and calcining equipment: dryers, slime dryers, sludge dryers, powder dryers, slag dryers, fly ash dryers, rotary kilns, etc.

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