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Performance comparison between ordinary thickeners and high-efficiency thickeners

Performance comparison between ordinary thickeners and high-efficiency thickeners


There are many similarities and differences between the high-efficiency Thickener Used in mines and the ordinary mine thickener. In short, the high-efficiency thickener is an upgraded version of the ordinary thickener, and its performance in all aspects is not the same as that of the ordinary thickener. The following is to introduce the differences between the two.

Performance comparison between ordinary thickener and high efficiency thickener:

(1) The rotary device of ordinary thickener depends on the plane bearing fixed between the turntables. Because the thickener is immersed in pulp or acid water for a long time, the corrosion is serious, which aggravates the wear of plane bearing, causes the turntable to sink, and affects the normal operation of the equipment. The central drive high-efficiency thickener adopts turntable bearing, which is a kind of large-scale bearing with special structure that can bear axial load, radial load and tilting moment at the same time. It has the characteristics of compact mechanism, convenient guide rotation, simple installation and easy maintenance.

(2) Scraping device and rake device are controlled by hydraulic pressure to lift rake automatically or manually, which provides convenience for equipment maintenance. The scraping and collecting device of ordinary thickener is an integral steel structure. If there is a problem, the thickener needs to be shut down, and the slurry in the tank can be completely emptied before it can be removed and replaced for maintenance. If there is a problem with the scraper or rake device of the central drive high-efficiency thickener, it can be lifted out of the water for maintenance. It does not need to be as troublesome as the ordinary thickener, which greatly reduces the difficulty of maintenance.

(3) The central drive high efficiency thickener has advanced hydraulic control system. The central drive and rake lifting mechanism share a combined hydraulic pump station. It adopts advanced and reliable electro-hydraulic combined system and is equipped with two sets of automatic detection devices, which can automatically measure the actual resistance of the scraper and the pressure of the hydraulic system. The resistance of the scraper is detected by the sensor. Combined with the pressure in the main drive oil circuit, a signal is sent to PLC to control the lifting and lowering of the rake. The signal detection is comprehensive and accurate, the action is safe and reliable, and there is no pressure harrow phenomenon. The height of deposited materials can be projected through the automatic detection device.

(4) The adjustable thickener underflow automatic discharge system is equipped with a concentration meter, and the change of electric signal and concentration is used as negative feedback control variables to realize the automatic adjustment of the thickener working process, improve the production capacity of the high-efficiency thickener and reduce the solid content in the clean water.

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