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The feed size and pulp concentration of flotation machine are critical

The feed size and pulp concentration of flotation machine are critical


The pulp temperature also plays a decisive role in the flotation effect. If the pulp temperature is increased properly, the flotation speed and higher flotation index can be improved. At the same time, the pulp temperature also has a certain influence on flotation reagents. Generally speaking, when the pulp temperature is high, the effect of inhibitors and activators is enhanced and accelerated. When the pulp temperature is low, the effect will be relatively slow and the flotation index will be reduced. Therefore, in order to ensure the flotation index, we should pay attention to the adjustment of pulp temperature at any time. For the concentrator enterprises with rich production experience, they all know the importance of temperature to the flotation process, and it is absolutely not advisable to simply adjust the pulp temperature.

Flotation process is one of the important processes of mineral processing equipment, and flotation machine is the main representative of flotation process, which perfectly shows the advantages of the process. In the production process, if you want to give full play to the effect, the key is to grasp the mixing strength and time. Stirring intensity controls the reaction between ore particles and reagents, and stirring time determines the reaction effect. They complement each other and are closely related.

In the flotation process of flotation machine, the stirring of pulp can be divided into two stages: one is the stirring before the pulp enters the flotation machine; The second is the mixing after the pulp enters the flotation machine. The former is carried out in the adjustment tank, and its function is to accelerate the interaction between ore particles and chemicals. The latter agitation in the flotation machine is to make the ore particles suspended and bubbles dispersed, and promote the attachment of ore particles to bubbles. Strengthening the stirring in the adjusting tank can promote the interaction between ore particles and reagents, shorten the adjusting time of pulp and save the dosage of reagents. The stirring intensity of the adjustment tank depends on the impeller speed. The impeller speed is higher, the stirring intensity is greater.

The strength of any process is not the greater the better, there are suitable  for their own optimal value. Appropriate stirring intensity can only make the flotation process twice the result with half the effort. When the strength exceeds the optimal value, it will cause a series of unnecessary troubles, such as equipment wear and falling off of mineral particles attached to bubbles, etc. The stirring time is related to the nature of the reagent, which can be analyzed according to the actual situation.

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