Y&X Grinding & Classification Equipment

The grinding equipment commonly used in the non-metallic mining industry include ball mills, rod mills, gravel mills, self-mills, suspended roller mills (Raymond mills), pressure roller mills, impact mills, turbo mills, vibration mills, etc.

The ball mill is suitable for grinding various ores and other materials. Ball mill is widely used in cement, silicate products, new building materials, refractory materials, fertilizers, ferrous and non-ferrous metal beneficiation, glass ceramics and other production industries, grindable materials are dry or wet milled.

The ball mill can be divided into two types of dry grinding and wet grinding. 

According to the different ways of mine discharge, it can be divided into two types: lattice type and overflow type. 

According to the shape of the barrel, it can be divided into four types: short barrel ball mill, long barrel ball mill, tube mill and cone mill.

Ball mill is one of the high-fine grinding machines widely used in industrial production. 

There are many types, such as tube ball mill, rod ball mill, cement ball mill, ultra-fine lamination mill, hand ball mill, horizontal ball mill, Ball mill bearing, energy-saving ball mill, overflow ball mill, ceramic ball mill, lattice ball mill.

Classifier ore washing Desludge dehydration 

The spiral classifier is a device for mechanical classification based on the principle that the specific gravity of the solid particles is different, so the speed of precipitation in the liquid is different.

There are four types of spiral classifiers: high weir single spiral and double spiral, submerged single spiral and double spiral.

Spiral classifiers are widely used in beneficiation plants to be combined with ball mills to form closed-loop circulation split flow ore deposits, or in gravity beneficiation plants to classify ore and fine mud, and to perform particle size classification and ore washing in metal beneficiation processes. Desludge, dehydration and other operations in the operation.

Hydrocyclone desilting slag removal concentration tailings dry discharge cyclone

The hydrocyclone is a classification device that uses centrifugal force to accelerate the sedimentation of ore particles.

Hydrocyclone can obtain very fine overflow products, which are mostly used in the classification equipment in the second stage of closed circuit grinding.

Hydrocyclone as a typical equipment of centrifugal force and gravity combined force field.

According to the construction section, it is divided into one-stage classifying cyclone and two-stage classifying cyclone.

According to the function, it is divided into classification cyclone, dehydration cyclone, desilting cyclone, slag removal cyclone, concentration cyclone, and special cyclone for tailings dry discharge.

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