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Hydrogenation equipment gold extraction cyanide leaching

The gold extraction process of cyanidation is the main method for extracting gold from ores or concentrates in modern times. 

The gold extraction process of cyanidation includes several basic processes: cyanide leaching, washing and filtering of leached ore pulp, extraction of gold from cyanide liquid or cyanide ore pulp, and smelting of finished products.

The heap leaching method is suitable for processing the following mineral resources:

1. Large-scale, low-grade gold and silver mines previously considered unusable;

2. Low-grade gold-bearing “waste stone” stripped during the mining process;

3. Medium and low grade gold-bearing ores extracted during geological pit prospecting and mine excavation;

4. The gold-bearing grade is slightly higher, but the scale is smaller, and it is not suitable to build a mechanized gold and silver mine;

5. Use conventional cyanidation method to deal with economically unfavorable gold mines;

6. Gold-containing smelting slag, high-grade tailings and large waste rock yards containing gold.

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