Mining Feeder


In the sand and gravel production line, Feeder can continuously and uniformly feed the crushing machinery and coarsely sieve the materials. 

The feeder is widely used in crushing and sieving combined equipment in metallurgy, coal mining, mineral processing, building materials, chemical industry, abrasives and other industries.


The feeder includes plate feeders, trough feeders, chain feeders, pendulum Feeder, disc feeder, belt feeder, drum feeder, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, vibrating ore-drawing machine, etc.


Plate feeder

Plate feeder is suitable for large materials containing mud and water.


Belt feeder

The belt feeder is a kind of relatively large-capacity, short-length, and relatively economical feeding equipment.


Tilting feeder

The pendulum feeder is mostly used as the feeding equipment of the ball mill ore belt conveyor.


Electromagnetic vibration feeder

Generally used for feeding and discharging of bulk materials with a particle size below 500mm.


Motor vibration feeder

The noise is lower.


Disc feeder

The disc feeder is mostly used for feeding the ore belt conveyor under the grinding ore bin.


Trough feeder

The trough feeder can be erected on the ground or can be hoisted on the discharge port of the mine.

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