Forged and cast steel balls High chromium Cr

The wear-resistant steel ball is a crushing medium used in the ball mill and used to crush the materials in the mill. 

The wear-resistant steel ball is mainly used in the fields of mines, power plants, cement plants, steel plants, silica sand plants, coal chemical industry, etc.

There are three types of steel balls: forged steel balls, cast steel balls, and hot-rolled steel balls.

Forged steel ball:

Main material: 45# steel, and more than 50mn and 60mn or 65mn. At present, the wear resistance of 75mncr is comparable to that of high chromium balls.

Cast steel balls:

According to their chemical composition, cast steel balls can be roughly divided into: Chromium anti-wear cast iron balls; Low alloy steel anti-wear cast ball; Medium and high alloy steel anti-wear cast ball; High manganese steel balls; Semi-steel and semi-iron balls; Medium manganese nodular cast iron ball; Special alloy cast iron balls; Anti-wet wear ball.

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