Metal screen manganese steel screen Polyurethane screen mesh

screen meshes are mainly used in: aviation, aerospace, printing, printing and dyeing, electronics, mining, pharmaceuticals, food processing, chemical industry.

Metal screen mesh

Metal screen mesh can be divided into: stainless steel square hole mesh, stainless steel dense mat type mesh, stainless steel crimped mesh and so on. 

Manganese steel screen mesh

Manganese steel screen mesh: Manganese steel is a high-strength manganese-resistant steel, mainly used in harsh working conditions that need to withstand impact, extrusion, material wear and other conditions. The form of damage is mainly wear and tear, and some are broken and deformed.

Synthetic fiber screen mesh

Synthetic fiber screen meshes are available in nylon or polyester filament and brown.

The brown silk screen mesh is used for beneficiation, filtering pulp, conveyor belt, etc.

Synthetic fiber screen mesh has the characteristics of non-rust and corrosion resistance, and can replace part of the metal screen mesh.

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