This screening equipment is widely used in the screening of materials in metallurgy, mining, coal, building materials and other industries.

Mine vibrating screen can be divided into: high-efficiency heavy-duty screen, self-centering vibrating screen, elliptical vibrating screen, dehydrating screen, circular vibrating screen, banana screen, linear vibrating screen, round vibrating screen, fine screening machine and high-frequency vibrating screen etc. Other than that, the vibrating screen can also be divided into: eccentric vibrating screen, inertial vibrating screen, self-centering vibrating screen, and resonance screen.

According to the type of the vibrator, the vibrating screen can be divided into a single-axis vibrating screen and a double-axis vibrating screen.

Circular vibrating screen is also called heavy-duty vibrating screen, which is the screening equipment for dry screening of screening materials is currently the screening equipment.

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