Iron separators iron remover magnetic drum

The iron removing machine, also known as magnetic separator. 

Generally refers to non-metal selection magnetic separator, which removes iron and other magnetic substances from raw materials, and is often used in ceramics, mining, chemical industry, grinding and other industries.

Use range of iron remover:1. Sort the magnetic materials in river sand, mainly sort the river sand containing more iron, and produce it according to different tastes of iron sand. The tributaries of the Yangtze River, the Yellow River and the Pearl River contain more iron.

2. Separation of non-ferrous metals, there are many iron components in the earth's crust, oxysilicoaluminum iron is the forefront component, there are more aluminum pins in the lathe, and they need to be separated. You can use an iron separator to sort. Copper powder absorbs iron, zinc powder, aluminum ash, etc.

3, scrap iron absorption, wood crushing, carton crushing iron absorption.

4. Grinding wheel ash, slag, food, grain, industrial waste, etc. can be used in various industries.

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