Filter gravity filter pressure filter vacuum filter

The filtering equipment is a device that uses a porous filter to achieve solid-liquid separation. 

The filter includes Ceramic vacuum filter, Program-controlled automatic hydraulic chamber filter press, Quick opening high pressure polypropylene diaphragm filter press, Belt pressure filter,Rotary disc vacuum filter...

Filters are used in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, light industry, food, mineral processing, coal and water treatment sectors. 

Gravity filter

With the help of the gravity of the suspension and the pressure difference formed on the filter medium as the driving force for filtration, it is generally an intermittent operation, such as a sander.

Vacuum filter

A negative pressure is formed at the filtrate outlet as a driving force for filtration. 

Pressure filter

It uses the pressure applied at the inlet of the suspension or the mechanical pressing force applied to the wet material as the driving force for filtration. 

The filter press is also an intermittently operated pressure filter, which is divided into plate and frame type, box type and vertical type, and has a wide range of uses. 

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