Y&X Crushing & Screening Equipments

Crushing equipment can be used in crushing process at the front of grinding in the mining field, and the crushing of materials in industries such as building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, mining, refractory materials, cement, and abrasives.

Jaw crusher PE PEF PEX ZGPEX series              

PE100X150           ZGPE400X600              PEX150X750                 

PE150X250           PE500X750                   ZGPEX150X750        

PE200X350           ZGPE500X750              PEX200X1000          

PE250X400           PE600X900                   ZGPEX250X750                  

PE250X500           ZGPE600X900              PEX250X1000     

PE400X600           ZGPE750X1060            ZGPEX250X1000   

ZGPE250X400      ZGPE900X1200            ZGPEX250X1200     

ZGPE250X500      ZGPE1100X1400          ZGPEX300X1300            ZGPE1200X1500

Cone crushers are also divided into spring cone crushers, mortar cone crushers, hydraulic cone crushers and composite cone crushers.

PYB PYZ PYD series Spring Cone Crusher is suitable for crushing medium and high hardness materials, there are standard type, the medium type and the short head type.

PYB-600 / 75            PYZ-900 / 70             PYD-600 / 40

PYB-900 / 135          PYZ-1200 / 115          PYD-900 / 50

PYB-1200 / 170        PYZ-1750 / 215          PYD-1200 / 60

PYB-1750 / 250        PYZ-2200 / 275          PYD-1750 / 100

PYB-2100 / 350       PYD-2200 / 130           PYB-2200 / 350  

Provide OEM service:

HP series: HP100、HP200、HP300、HP400、HP500、HP700、HP800

GP series: GP100S、 GP200S、 GP300S、 GP500S、 GP100、 GP110、 GP200、GP300、 GP550...

CH series: CH420、CH430、CH440、CH660、CH870、CH880...

CS series: CS420、CS430、CS440、CS660...

Sand making machine, for construction little even stone, can be devided to horizontal hammer sand making machine, machine, impact sand making machine, VSI series sand making machine, vertical impact crusher...

The gyratory crusher is a vertical compound crusher, also known as a compound crusher, which is a machine for large scale crushing production lines and sand production lines.

This screening equipment is widely used in the screening of materials in metallurgy, mining, coal, building materials and other industries.

Mine vibrating screen can be divided into: high-efficiency heavy-duty screen, self-centering vibrating screen, elliptical vibrating screen, dehydrating screen, circular vibrating screen, banana screen, linear vibrating screen, round vibrating screen, and fine screening machine etc.

As per to the type of the vibrator, the vibrating screen can also be divided into a single-axis vibrating screen and a double-axis vibrating screen.

Vibrating screens include inertial vibration screens, eccentric vibration screens, self-centering vibration screens and electromagnetic vibration screens.

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