Mixing equipment slurry Pickling mixing tank

The equipment used for leaching is called a leaching tank. 

There are two types of leaching tanks, one is air stirring tank and the other is mechanical stirring tank. This tank can be used for both leaching and liquid purification operations. 

Air stirring tank is an air stirring tank used for continuous leaching. 

 The bottom of the trough is tapered, so the sinking matter gathers in the middle. There are two compressed air pipes in the tank leading to the cone bottom to ensure the vigorous stirring of the ore slurry to achieve full contact between the solution and the materials and promote the leaching reaction.

The mechanical stirring tank is a blade paddle mechanical stirring tank. 

The agitator is driven by the motor through the reducer. The mechanical stirring tank is used for intermittent leaching or cleaning in some zinc plants.

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