Mining valve shut-off valve check valve regulating valve

The valve is a pipe accessory used to open and close the pipeline, control the flow direction, adjust and control the parameters (temperature, pressure and flow) of the transport medium. 

Shut-off valve

This type of valve is used for opening and closing. 

Standing on the inlet and outlet of cold and heat sources, equipment inlet and outlet, pipeline branch lines (including risers), it can also be used as a water discharge valve and a gas discharge valve. 

Common shut-off valves are globe valves, ball valves and butterfly valves.

Check valve

This type of valve is used to prevent backflow of the medium. 

 Regulating valve

The regulating valve can change the resistance of the valve according to the direction and size of the signal to change the valve spool stroke, so as to achieve the valve to adjust the flow.

 Vacuum valve

Vacuum valve is to change the direction of air flow, it includes vacuum ball valve, vacuum baffle valve, vacuum inflation valve, pneumatic vacuum valve, etc. 

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