Tailings pipes tubes wear-resistant seamless steel polymer

The tailings pipe transports the tailing slurry discharged from the non-ferrous metal beneficiation and ferrous metal beneficiation to the tailings storage. 

Tailing tube Pipes include ordinary steel tube, seamless steel tube, cast iron tube, composite tube lined with wear-resistant materials, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene tube, cast stone composite tube , polymer composite tube, ceramic composite tube pipes

Tailings pipes are widely used in mines with heavy wear, ore fine powder and tailings transportation, and wear-resistant pipelines such as powder feeding, slag removal, and ash transportation for coal-fired thermal power plants are also very suitable.

The tailings pipe is an ideal wear-resistant pipe for transporting strongly corrosive acids, alkalis, salts and abrasive solids and liquids.

The tailings pipe is very safe and reliable for use in high-temperature corrosion, high-temperature wear or high-temperature erosion.

At present, the pipelines used in tailings pressure transmission generally include ordinary steel pipes, seamless steel pipes, cast iron pipes, composite pipes lined with wear-resistant materials, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipes, polymer composite pipes, ceramic composite pipes, etc.

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