Thickener dewatering tailings solid slurry concentration

The thickening equipment is a continuous working concentration and clarification equipment, which is mainly used for dewatering of fine and tailings slurry in wet beneficiation operation, and is also widely used for the concentration of solid slurry in coal, steel, chemical, building materials, water source, sewage treatment And purification.

There are three main types of thickeners according to their transmission methods, of which the first two are more common:

1. Center drive type. Usually the diameter of such thickeners is small, generally within 24 meters.

2. Peripheral roller drive type, the more common large and medium-sized thickener. It is named because it is driven by a transmission car. The diameter is usually about 53 meters, there are also 100 meters.

3. Peripheral rack drive type. This basic diameter is above 53 meters.

The advantages of the thickener are simple structure, convenient operation, low power consumption, and good technical indicators. 

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