Mine automatic control equipment real-time automation

Mine automation equipment is an advanced and complex high-tech system.

Its basic elements are the information and data collection system of the entire mine; high-speed and large-capacity two-way mine communication and information system network; computerized information management and automated mine planning and control And maintenance; automatic and remotely controlled mechanical equipment connected to the whole mine information system network; network communication and monitoring system. 

The basic condition of mine automation is the control capability of real-time automation. According to the changes in the internal and external conditions of the enterprise, by continuously changing the internal factors of the mine, it is continuously optimized so that the output value reaches the highest level.

With the rapid development of computer technology, especially the development of computer hardware and software, the process of mine automation will be faster. 

As far as the current mines are concerned, enterprises regard automation as a technology that is being formed, so more attention is paid to semi-automation or operator-assisted control as a kind of intermediate buffer technology.

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