Flotation machine of copper zinc lead nickel gold selection

The flotation machine is mainly used to sort out non-ferrous metals such as copper, zinc, lead, nickel, gold, etc., and can also be used for rough selection and selection of ferrous metals and non-metals.

Mechanical stirring flotation machine

The aeration and agitation of the pulp of the mechanical agitation flotation machine are completed by an impeller and a custom-made mechanical agitation device.

Inflatable agitating flotation machine

The agitated agitating flotation machine is equipped with a mechanical agitating device, and the fan with external characteristics is used to force the air into it.

Inflatable flotation machine

Inflatable flotation machine, which is characterized by no mechanical agitator and transmission parts, is specially provided by a compressed air fan to provide air for inflation.

Flotation column micro-bubble counter-flow jet

The flotation column is an aerated flotation machine that inflates and agitates the ore slurry through compressed air through a porous medium (aerator). There are micro-bubble counter-flow flotation column and micro-bubble jet flotation column.

In the flotation section, the top is equipped with a flushing device (according to the needs of the site) and a foam concentrate collection tank. 

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