Magnetic separation equipment

Permanent Magnetic Separator iron removal

Magnetic separation equipment process utilizes the magnetic force of magnetic mineral particles in a non-uniform magnetic field to separate magnetic particles from non-magnetic particles, metal ore removal. 

Magnetic separation process is widely used in the fields of magnetite purification and non-metallic iron removal.

1) Permanent magnet magnetic roller

2) Permanent magnetic cylinder type magnetic separator

It tends to be larger in terms of equipment scale and processing capacity.

3) Permanent magnetic roller type strong magnetic separator

4) Permanent magnetic high gradient magnetic separator

The permanent magnet magnetic separator does not require continuous excitation and no power consumption. 

Its magnetic system does not require energy and cooling systems. It is compact and simple in structure, light in weight, small in area, low in manufacturing and operating costs, convenient in operation and maintenance, stable in performance.

The permanent magnet magnetic separator is a kind of energy-saving, high-efficiency and low-cost equipment with ideal development space.

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