Mine EPC+M+O service


Engineering + Procurement + Construction + Management + Operation


“the design and research of mining, beneficiation plants and tailings” + “complete equipment manufacturing and procurement” + “commissioning and delivery” + “mine management” + “mine operation”


One-stop mine service, make sure the mine beneficiation indicators and output to achieve the maximum value for the mine.


Mine automation design and implementation


Real-time automated control, according to changes in the internal and external conditions of the enterprise, by continuously changing the internal factors of the mine, continuous optimization, so that the output value reaches the highest level.


Whole-mine information and data collection system; high-speed large-capacity two-way full-mine communication and information system network; computerized information management and automated mine planning and its control and maintenance; automatic and remote-controlled machinery connected to the whole mine information system network Equipment; communication and monitoring system...


Research on mineral processing reagents 


We have strong scientific research ability to improve the mine flotation index for our clients.

Chemical sample can be provided to test, and the usage and the dosage.

Can privide customized special flotation reagents according to clients' mineral ores.


Mining design, processing design, tailings pond design


Based on the client’s vision and plan, to provide engineering consulting services, beneficiation tests, beneficiation process and equipment selection, beneficiation plant plan design and construction drawing design, etc.;


Provide professional mining equipment


Manufacture and purchase of mineral processing equipment, mine supporting materials, installation and maintenance tools, machine repair workshops, laboratory and laboratory equipment etc. Which required for mining, mineral processing plants, tailings ponds


Research on mineral processing problems


We have World first-class R&D team of ore flotation, and mature special chemicals to solve ore flotation problem.

Can do lab testing based the ores, and provide ore flotation solution. Provide professional suggestion based on our experiences and success cases.

On-site mine service can be provided if it is necessary to go.


Mining design, processing design,

tailings pond design

We are always ready to provide you with a full range of one-stop services, design solutions, procurement, installation, commissioning, operation,management,

solve all your worries and ensure your output and product quality.

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