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WFX-130B flame atomic absorption spectrophotometer

WFX-130B flame atomic absorption spectrophotometer
WFX-130B flame atomic absorption spectrophotometer
1 set
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High level
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20-55 days after receiving prepayment.
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The main feature


1. Precise automation


• 4 lamp holder light source automatically converts, automatically adjusts the power supply

• Automatically switch spectral bandwidth


• Automatic ignition


2. Perfect security protection


• Flame atomization system with gas leakage, abnormal flow, under-pressure of air, abnormal flameout alarm and automatic protection 3. Advanced circuit design


• Large-scale programmable logic array


• Inter IC Bus technology


• High reliability European socket, AMP and other electrical connectors 4. Convenient and practical BRAIC operating software

It is suitable for Chinese instrument operation and analysis application software of Win7/XP (32-bit) operating system, which realizes quick setting of instrument parameters, automatic alarm and protection of instrument safety, automatic display of test data, automatic calculation, automatic printing of analysis results.


The main technical parameters


Wavelength range190 ~ 900nm


Wavelength accuracybetter than ±0.25nm


Resolution  The manganese double line (279.5nm and 279.8nm) is


separated by a spectral bandwidth of 0.2 nm. And the peak energy ratio is <25%


Baseline stability ≤ 0.004 Abs / 30 min;


Air-acetylene flame  characteristic concentration Cu ≤ 0.025mg/L/1%, detection limit Cu≤0.006mg/L


Light source system


• 4 lamp holder automatic conversion


• Lamp current supply mode400Hz square wave pulse


Optical system


• Monochromator type Czerny-Turner type


• Raster line density 1800 strips/mm


• Focal length 277nm


• Shining wavelength: 250nm


• Spectral bandwidth: 0.1 0.2 0.4 1.2nm four-speed automatic switching


Atomic system


• Flame atomization system


Burner10cm single seam all titanium burner


Spray chamberCorrosion resistant plastic spray chamber


SprayerMetal sleeve high efficiency glass sprayer Aspirate 6~7mL/min


Detection and data processing system


• Detector


High sensitivity, wide spectral range photomultiplier tube detection.


• Data Processing System


Software environment  Win7/XP (32-bit) operating system, Chinese professional software


Analytical methodAutomatically fit the working curve, standard addition


method, automatic correction sensitivity, automatic calculation of concentration, content


Repeat the test  1~20 times, automatically calculate the average value, standard deviation, relative standard deviation


Multitasking function  enables sequential multi-element determination of the same sample


Conditional reading with model function


Result Print  Print phase test data or final analysis report, can be edited using Excel software


Standard RS232serial communication


Background correction system


Xenon background correction ≥ 30 times when the background absorbs 1Abs


Self-priming effect background correction ≥30 times when the background absorbs 1.8Abs


Functional expansion capability


Optional hydride generator for hydrogenation analysis


Dimensions and weight


Host 1020 (length) × 490 (width) × 540 (height) mm3 80Kg




ComputerLenovo computer: Core Duo/500G hard disk/2G memory /19" LCD color display


PrinterHP printer (A4 format)


Workstation softwareAll Chinese Win7/XP (32-bit) interface


Purpose use


Meet the analysis of low metal elements in various samples


Working conditions


1. The indoor ambient temperature is 15 °C ~ 30 °C; the relative humidity does not exceed 75%.

2. There is no strong magnetic field interference in the room; there is no vibration that hinders the normal operation of the instrument.

3. Indoor environment is clean, dry, no dust, no corrosive gases.

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