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Impact bed application program

Impact bed application program


1.Impact bed series

The impact bed is installed at the drop point of the receiving belt and under the drop point of the belt conveyor, which can absorb the impact of falling materials, thereby preventing damage to the belt and frame, and helping to eliminate overflow.

The slide bar is made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, which has the properties of wear resistance and impact resistance. The main function is to cushion the material when the material is impacted by the material belt. When used in conjunction with the material guide groove, it can effectively prevent dust from being removed during the impact of the material. Overflow on both sides of the guide trough. The DRX impact bed has only one simple goal: to protect the conveyor belt.

Product advantages:

1. The maintenance is simple, and the pull-out design ensures easy maintenance.

2. It has a unique secondary buffer.

3. In order to easily replace the buffer strips, unique, low-cost square washers and bolts replace the traditional high-cost T-bolts.

4. The buffer strip has an inclination angle of 3° to the center to help the material concentrate to the center.

5. The short protrusions supported by the buffer bar have a counter-movement effect. When the bolt is loosened, the buffer bar is prevented from sliding along with the conveyor belt.

6. The belt conveyor can run more smoothly, thereby eliminating belt slack and effectively reducing material spillage.

7. Comply with CEMA design standards;

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