How many crushing equipment are produced by Y&X Beijing Technology per month?
Y&X Beijing Technology Co., Ltd. crushing equipment 's sales volume fluctuate slightly in different seasons. During the busy season, our products enjoy sales growth with superior performance and competitive prices compared to other similar products. For the rest of the time, we have been devoted ourselves in optimizing processes and technologies to expand our production capacity.
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Y&X Beijing Technology is internationally considered to be an advanced pump parts manufacturer. We will show you the spiral classifier series that is most popular with customers. Comprehensive quality and performance inspection are carried out on Y&X Beijing Technology types of vibrating screen. They involve scrutinization of size (thickness, width, length, etc.), appearance defects, moisture absorption, and bacterial resistance. The production process is improved for providing quality guarantee.
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We carry out our corporate purpose: “we create products for a sustainable future,” by pursuing ambitious goals along our entire production value chain.

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